Block diagram of an adaptive energy-efficient management system in terms of apple sorting process

Tsvirkun, Liudmyla and Цвіркун, Людмила Олександрівна and Tsvirkun, Sergij and Цвіркун, Сергій Леонідович and Heiier, Hennadii and Гейєр, Геннадій Валерійович (2019) Block diagram of an adaptive energy-efficient management system in terms of apple sorting process. Обладнання та технології харчових виробництв (2 (39)). pp. 43-48. ISSN 2079-4827


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The implementation scheme of an automated control system for the apple sorting process is considered, in which one of the main places is occupied by the control unit and synchronization unit, which is expedient to implement programmatically using SCADA tools. The proposed system updates the information of the sorting process according to the results of a survey of sensors with a certain discreteness and entering current information into the database of the technological process. A structural and functional diagram of a system for tracking the movement of apples on a conveyor line based on video surveillance and containing a video camera, a video processing unit, a storage device and a video information display device is described. It is noted that the video processing unit consists of two subsystems: the apple identification subsystem and the automatic tracking subsystem of moving objects. The automatic apple identification subsystem provides for the preliminary processing of personnel, the allocation of points of the accompanied objects. The results of this stage are preliminary processing of the image from video sensors, improving the quality of the original image, while the criterion for image quality is selected in accordance with the purpose of the system (improving the visual characteristics of the image, identifying some features of the image). The automatic tracking subsystem provides for tracking the video stream, preprocessing video frames, and highlighting moving apples. The results of this stage are obtaining the characteristics of the movement (the trajectory of movement, the coordinates of the apples, the angle of mismatch between the apples and the optical region of the video sensor). It was found that the accuracy and speed of the system is ensured by automatic operations: identification, localization, tracking of apples, as well as determining the moment of the appearance of a moving object in the field of sorting and issuing a signal to the actuator to determine the desired apples from the general flow, which made it possible to obtain at the current time many apples selected according to a given criterion with known position coordinates on the conveyor line.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: video signal, conveyor line, apple sorting process, automated control, apple tracking system, SCADA tools

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Date Deposited: 06 Apr 2020 06:45
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