Scientific ground and development of the newest sweet dishes with iodinated additions

Kolisnychenko, Tetiana and Колісниченко, Тетяна Олександрівна and Dyshuk, H. V. and Дишук, Г. В. and Melnik, Olga and Мельник, Ольга Євгенівна and Kravchuk, E. S. and Кравчук, Є. С. (2019) Scientific ground and development of the newest sweet dishes with iodinated additions. Обладнання та технології харчових виробництв (1(38)). pp. 5-11. ISSN 2079-4827

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Based on the purpose and experimental studies, the feasibility of producing fruit jelly with iodine-containing additives was determined. An innovative aspect in the technology is the introduction to the composition of the classical jelly biologically active components based on algae: fucus, elamin, chlorella-products that are rich in a variety of micro- and macroelements, vitamins and amino ac- ids. The recipes were improved and optimized, and a technology for the production of fruit jelly with iodine-containing additives was developed. The essence was that iodine-containing additives with different concentrations (0.3 %; 0.6 %; 1 %) were added to the classic prescription composition “Jelly from fruits or berries fresh», taking into account the average daily need for iodine 150… 200 mcg and organoleptic characteristics of the finished product. To the technology of fruit and berry jelly with iodine-containing additives, algae (fucus, elamin, chlorella) were introduced in a powdered state in different concentrations for 150 g of the output of the dish. On the basis of the developed technological maps, the nutritional and biological value of the dishes “Jelly from fruits or fresh berries» with “Jelly from iodine-containing additives» is calculated. Attention is drawn to the fact that when a biologically active supplement of 1 % is added to the formulation, the nutritional value of the dish decreases and the protein content increases. Thus, the energy value of 131 kcal decreased to 112 kcal. According to the results of the study of the chemical composition of finished products made from fukushima, elamine, chlorella, an increase in the protein content of 0.6… 7 % should be noted, iodine — up to 210 μg and a significant increase in calcium and potassium, compared with the analogue dish. The calculation of the biological value, mineral and vitamin composition of the developed dishes showed a significant improvement in raw materials and an increase in nutrients. During the study, the characteristics of jelly desserts and iodine-containing raw materials were analyzed and the production technology of fruit and berry jelly with iodine-containing additives was developed and the formulations of fruit jelly desserts were optimized, the effect of iodine-containing additives on chemical and mineral composition, and organoleptic quality indicators were investigated.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: fucus, elamin, chlorela, jelly desserts with iodcontaining additives, iodine deficiency prevention, fruit-berry raw material
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