Examining a possibility of using purple amaranth in the technology for products made of yeast dough

Simakova, Olga and Сімакова, Ольга Олександрівна and Korenets, Yuriі and Коренець, Юрій Миколайович and Yudina, Tatiana and Юдіна, Тетяна Іллівна and Nazarenko, Iryna and Назаренко, Ірина Анатоліївна and Goriainova, Iuliia and Горяйнова, Юлія Артурівна (2018) Examining a possibility of using purple amaranth in the technology for products made of yeast dough. Східно-Європейський журнал передових технологій (11(92)). pp. 57-64. ISSN 1729-3774


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It was experimentally found that additives of purple amaranth (APA) have high enzyme activity, which is proved by high activity of the amylase complex: maltose number of 5 % water extract from dry foliage of purple amaranth is 12.31±0.36 %, with addition of CaCl2 (Са2+=0.01 g/l), it is 16.0±0.35 %. The obtained results indicate the prospects of using APA for enhancing baking properties of wheat flour.We determined the required concentration of the additive of flour from dry foliage of purple amaranth to wheat flour (1 %) for the fortification with biologically active substances, enhancing baking properties of flour and retaining organoleptic parameters. The impact of different concentrations of APA on the content of the basic biologically active substances in wheat flour, gluten running, the indicators of whiteness and a color shade of wheat flour was explored.It was experimentally found that APA enhance baking properties of top grade wheat flour. High amylolytic activity of flour with APA was established: maltose number of 5 % water extract (tap water) from dry PA foliage is 9.42±0.34 %, from amaranth malt, it is 10.53±0.38 %. There is an increase of sugar forming, and, as a consequence, gas forming capability of wheat flour. APA demonstrates considerable proteolytic activity: flour from dry PA foliage – (ηrel=1.09), from amaranth malt – (ηrel=1.13), comparable with the activity of barley malt. Application of the enzyme preparation accelerates the process of hydration of gluten proteins of wheat flour (one-hour lying of dough is not required), gluten elasticity is also improved. Thus, the expedience of the use of APA in the technology of products from yeast dough was substantiated.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: wheat flour, yeast dough, quality, gluten, purple amaranth, enzyme activity
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