Substantiation of rational modes of semi-finished milkplant stuffings freezing

Yudina, Tatiana and Юдіна, Тетяна Іллівна and Gnitsevych, Victoriya and Гніцевич, Вікторія Альбертівна and Nazarenko, Iryna and Назаренко, Ірина Анатоліївна (2019) Substantiation of rational modes of semi-finished milkplant stuffings freezing. Ukrainian Food Journal, 8 (1). pp. 89-98. ISSN 2304–974X

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Introduction. The rational regimes of freezing of semi-finished milk-plant stuffings based on buttermilk concentrate were substantiated and experimentally confirmed. Materials and methods. Milk-carrot, milk-pumpkin, milk-zucchini stuffings, as well as cottage cheese control sample stuffing, were studied. The research was carried out on a high-resolution spectrometer Tesla BS 567A with a working frequency of 100 MHz on protons by the Kuntz method. Discussion of the results of study. It was established that at the temperature of 20 °С in the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of the semi-finished milk-plant stuffing an intense water signal is recorded, which significantly decreases with intensity while sample cooling to a temperature of -25 °C. The presence of a nuclear magnetic resonance signal indicates that non-freezing water does not disappear completely when cooling the sample to a temperature of -25 ° C, which implies the possibility of biochemical reactions proceesing in the stuffing. It is determined that developed semifinished stuffings require a deeper overcooling than a control sample, since in designed samples of stuffings water binding with carbohydrates is processing. It was investigated that at -25 °C the control sample contains 0,21 g of H2O per gram of dry matter, when the semi-finished milk-carrot stuffing contains 0,40 g of H2O per gram of dry matter, milk-pumpkin stuffing – 0,39 g of H2O per g of dry matter, milk-zucchini stuffing – 0,37 g of H2O per gram of dry matter at the same temperature. At -30 °C the control sample contains 0,20 g of H2O per gram of dry matter, when in the semi-finished milk-carrot stuffing the content of H2O reaches 0,32 g per gram of dry matter, in the milk-pumpkin stuffing – 0.25 g per gram of dry matter, milk-zucchini stuffing – 0,24 g per gram of dry matter at the same temperature. It is proved that the smallest amount of non-freezing water in the stuffings is kept at a temperature of -25 ... -30 °С and amounts 0,26 ... 0,40 g of H20 per 1 g of dry matter, which allows to recommend a given range of temperatures for their rapid freezing. Conclusions. The temperature of milk-plant stuffings freezing is substantiated (-25…-30 °С). The possibility of frozen stuffings storage at a temperature of -18...-19 °С, which is the standard temperature of industrial freezing chambers, is proved.

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