The study of antioxidant activity of the celery root extract

Slashcheva Alina, and Слащева Аліна Вячеславівна, (2017) The study of antioxidant activity of the celery root extract. Вісник НТУ «ХПІ», Серія: Нові рішення в сучасних технологіях (23). pp. 182-187. ISSN 2079-5459


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We prove promising use of supplements based on celery in the technology of frozen meat and fish products split. The aim of experimental research was to determine the celery antioxidant activity and to study the dynamics of change in storage. Antioxidant activity estimation method used colorimetry free radicals based on reaction of DPPH dissolved in ethanol with specimens antioxidants. The kinetics of spending in DPPH reaction with celery extract of different concentrations. When the concentration of extract of celery in a ditch more than 0.5%, the reaction proceeded immediately. Observation of the dynamics of the reaction was carried out at concentrations of plant extracts 0.5; 0.25; 0.1; 0.05; 0.01 and 0.005%. A quantitative assessment antioxidant activity of celery compared to previous studies strong herbal antioxidants (Jerusalem artichoke tubers and Stevia leaves). These anamorphosis kinetic curves show that the effective rate constants of reactions are: celery - 1.24, artichoke tubers - 1.73, the leaves of Stevia - 0.58, i.e quantitative assessment celery antioxidant activity 37% lower than the artichoke tubers, and 56% higher than the stevia leaves. Thus, the antioxidant properties of these plants are comparable, that celery extract antioxidant activity is high. Found that freezing does not affect the antioxidant activity of celery extract, the extract in storage for three months antioxidant activity it remains almost unchanged, storage more than four months antioxidant activity reduces by 12%, over six months - 30%. This allows us to conclude that the storage period of three months frozen minced celery additive in products able to keep their antioxidant properties. The data of the studies make it possible to redict that celery additive in minced products can help stabilize lipids meat and fish and have a direct impact on the shelf life of these products

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Uncontrolled Keywords: antioxidant; antioxidant activity; celery; chopped meat and fish products; colorimetric method
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