Cutting speed value during plant material grinding in food industry

Sheyina, Alina and Шеїна, Аліна Вікторівна and Goots, Victor and Гуць, Віктор Степанович (2016) Cutting speed value during plant material grinding in food industry. Ukrainian Journal of Food Science, 1 (4). pp. 111-119. ISSN 2409–4951 2310–1008


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The influence of cutting speed factor on elastic and frictional properties of plant materials is investigated and justified. The dependence of cutting force on cutting speed is determined. The choice of rational parameters of the process is justified by the qualitative indicator of the ground product. The elastic properties of vegetables have been studied by the standard method of sample compression between two plane-parallel plates. Compression force has been recorded. Frictional properties were measured on the setup of disk type: the test material was in contact with a rotating steel disk, the friction force was recorded. Cutting forces were measured by the tensometric method during plate blade penetration into the material layer. The cutting speed varied within the range of 0.4 – 2.5 m/s. With the increase of cutting speed the elastic properties of the material appear to a lesser degree, due to the spread of elastic deformations in the layer. Within the cutting speeds range from 0.4 m/s to 2.5 m/s the elasticity modulus is reduced by a factor of 1.2. Frictional properties that are characterized by a friction coefficient are reduced by a factor of 1.2 - 1.5 with the increase of sliding speed of friction pairs from 0.75 to 2.66 m/s. The nature of these changes depends on the structural configuration of the material, the moisture content, contact surfaces quality, the pressing force of friction pairs. Cutting forces of plant materials depend on their structural and mechanical properties. The increase of cutting speed within the ranges under study will contribute to their reduction by a factor of 1.4 - 2, depending on the product type. In this regard, it is appropriate to use higher cutting speeds of plant materials for vegetable cutting equipment in order to reduce specific cutting forces. Taking into account the factor of speed influence on cutting forces of plant materials, the optimal and the recommended range of circumferential cutting speeds for the products under research is from 300 to 600 rev/min.

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