Empathy as a factor of creativity:social and philosophical analysis

Nikolenko, Kseniya and Ніколенко, Ксенія Вікторівна (2017) Empathy as a factor of creativity:social and philosophical analysis. Інтелект, особистість, цивілізація (14). pp. 5-11. ISSN 2079-4835


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Creativity as a structural component of personality designed to explain the essence of the social value of activities. Select a kind of axiological component to interpret the results. For example, a mentally incapable person operates, possibly creating something, not existing before, but this product is of no social importance (or have antisocial consequences). Understanding of personality that seeks only to create a new and determined by this parameter as the creative is not valid. Creative activities are closely linked with the social reality of the components of the utility, utility. Activities personality then and only then can we call creative if it is due to several factors, in this case acts as a leading social component of such activities. Identify the social nature of creative process considered by various researchers. How creativity with experience, highlight the social importance of creative attributes necessary modern interpretation of creativity as a product of personality. From the metaphysical position individual creativity is a fundamental process of spontaneous transcendence potentials and virtuality, permanent extension of the universe. All existing structure (material and semiotic ideal) act as specific products (event) creative processes. These features of the past, present and future existence depends on the orientation of various forms and realizing the potential of creativity. Researchers (M. Morozov, L. Yatsenko, Vladimir Yakovlev, BV Novikov, RV Sunyahin etc.) Understand the personal aspect of creativity as a fundamental part of some that could actually lead to the emergence of creative the result of the product. As already mentioned, creativity is on the personal level as a system of dynamic heterogeneous elements. Therefore, one of the characteristics of individual creativity can act as a simplified reduction of arbitrary complex construction process to a simpler, more accessible for analysis and resolution. Understanding creativity as a desire to build the most complex to the simple makes it easy to identify a clear cause and effect relationship, and the repeatability and reproducibility of the processes with high predictability. This property is of considerable interest simplicity in terms of heuristic for setting direction finding creative personality. Although the principle of reductionism or disclose the nature and essence of human creativity in its entirety, but it allows you to track the individual components of this complex process. Conclusions and research perspectives: Empathy is not just one way to implement creative process itself, not any certain shape, which enables you to capture creative act. This ability to make a general interest in his personal and personal, need their own identity. We can talk about the social side of creativity at a personal level, not only axiological positions, but also in terms of causation. Creative personality manifests itself through social component. In fact, man as a social being capable of a variety of creative acts which are essentially caused directly by society. The social component leads man to a new generation, on rethinking existing objects of material and spiritual culture.

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