The sociocultural aspect of creativity

Nikolenko, Kseniya and Ніколенко, Ксенія Вікторівна (2016) The sociocultural aspect of creativity. Інтелект, особистість, цивілізація (12). pp. 98-105. ISSN 2079-4835


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Purpose. Analyze creativity by logic of various social processes and transformations to answer questions about the nature of creativity as a phenomenon, the main factors and mechanisms of its formation. Methodology. Analyzed on the basis of socio-cultural factors of human existence methodological principles of creativity in the context of social and philosophical paradigms. Creativity is regarded as a condition of social existence, as the basis of human behavior and activities aimed at disclosure universal possibilities of society. Findings. Creativity - one of the most important general problems currently studied at the philosophical, cultural, pedagogical, individual psychological, social and psychological levels. The current situation is that a person has to change very quickly, constantly grow and develop to be popular in society. Creativity allows a person to improve and not be afraid of the new, quickly adapt to changing conditions and requirements. It creates favorable conditions for the development of the whole person, it promotes self-disclosure, self-sufficiency and tolerance. The main form of activity of individuals formed, is a professional activity, the effectiveness of which largely depends on its creative nature. In this connection special importance is the development of creativity required for successful implementation of professional activities. Originality.. Creativity serves as the basis for some social behavior, a necessary condition for social existence, on this basis is necessary to establish that relationship is a process of creativity to culture, civilization. What are the prospects for the development of society and humanity based on creativity as a factor that runs through all areas of human existence. One of the most serious issues facing the social sciences - nature of social transformation. How stable social structure is prone to changes that are rooted in its own nature? As the phenomenon of social space, such transformations are purely cognitive nature and consequences for innovation are creative processes, which involved a certain set of actors in society. Practical value.. The practical significance of the article is semantic understanding of the phenomenon of creativity as such. On the information level, we can establish a number of ways for creativity and learning to its practical application. But only through experimental verification can be seen, which is a measure of influence on the formation of an active subject or a new invention that requires the definition of methodological principles of research creativity as a social and philosophical issues. Therefore, the theoretical understanding of the process, the analysis of the components of creative search for ways to optimize the process of creativity made within this work are the source of practical research component.

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