Methodical and organizational problems of teaching computer disciplines in the high school of education economic profile

Ternov, Serhii and Тернов, Сергій Олексійович and Тернов, Сергей Алексеевич and Kvitka, Tetyana and Квітка, Тетяна Володимирівна and Квитка, Татьяна Владимировна and Kopaihora, Olha and Копайгора, Ольга Костянтинівна and Копайгора, Ольга Константиновна (2018) Methodical and organizational problems of teaching computer disciplines in the high school of education economic profile. Фізико-математична освіта: науковий журнал. Вип. 2(16) / Сумський державний педагогічний університет імені А.С.Макаренка, Фізико-математичний факультет редкол.: О.В.Семеніхіна [та ін.]. – Суми: [СумДПУ ім. А.С.Макаренка], 2018. – 162с., 16 (2). pp. 121-124. ISSN 2413-158Х (online) 2413-1571 (print)


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The organizational and legal principles of computer disciplines teachingare described and the experience of teaching computer disciplines in the higher education institution of the economic profile is explicated. The role of self-directed work and self-education activity has been increasedat the present stage, because 120 academic hours are allocatedby the curriculum on the study of computer disciplines butonly 41% of hours of required classroom instruction and 59% of self-directed work are required. Such a division leads to the fact that in pursuance of practical tasks and individual work there are only two academic hours of classes per week. Therefore, thereis a growing need to developed disciplinemethodological learning and teaching support material forself-directed work and preparation for practical classes. The article focuses on approaches to the study of system, applied software, organization of studying of discipline, self-directed work and self-education activity, approaches to the selection of tasks for studying at practical classes and during self-directed work. The attention is paid to the dynamic development of information technologies and their impact on the educational process in the field of using the Internet and Intranet networks. According to the authors the tasks for practical classes, self-directed work and self-education activities should be drawn up in such a way that they model the elements of future professional activity of higher education graduates, which correspond to the level of development of modern information technologies in the industry. The necessity of taking into account the interdisciplinary connections of computer disciplines for their further practical use in the study of special disciplines, the execution of course papers and thesis, passing of practice is highlighted. If a particular discipline gives the complex "tasks - methods", then information disciplines provide a complex of "means - receptions". They are one of the few disciplines that develop such practical skills that are needed not only during the study of other disciplines but also immediately after joining a professional activity. For this, it is important that the knowledge and skills acquired in the first year would be in demand in the study of disciplines in senior courses. The proposed approach to the solution of organizational and methodological problems in the teaching of computer disciplines helps to deepen and consolidate practical skills, gaining the ability to quickly find the necessary software tools for solving the problem.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Computer disciplines, organization of practical classes, self-directed work, self-education activities
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