Asset accounting: problem areas and aspects of solution

Shendryhorenko, Maryna and Шендригоренко, Марина Трохимівна and Шендригоренко, Марина Трофимовна (2015) Asset accounting: problem areas and aspects of solution. Економічні науки. Серія «Облік і фінанси». Збірник наукових праць. Луцький національний технічний університет. Випуск 12 (45). – Ч. 2. – Луцьк, 2015. – С. 289- 296.. pp. 289-296.


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The study of theoretical positions and current practice accounting of fixed assets allowed to determine a number of unresolved issues that impede the management of production and reduce the effectiveness of fixed assets. The circle of problems include: debatable point of the accounting for fixed assets obtained free of charge; a controversial aspect of the assessment mechanism fixed assets; reduction analyticity and informative source documents of accounting for fixed assets like. Thus, the transformation processes taking place in Ukraine's economy, require further study and improve the practical principles of accounting of fixed assets in the enterprise. The purpose of writing this article is to monitor current and problematic aspects of fixed assets, identify areas to improve its organization, which would meet modern task management of business processes and have been adapted to the characteristics of enterprises. Achieving this goal involves the specification of objectives, namely: justification of selecting the most effective method of depreciation of fixed assets at the time of the order on the accounting policy of the company; improving analyticity and information content of the original documents of fixed assets.In our opinion, the importance of the organization of fixed assets is in depreciation method of choice. There is no consensus on the most useful or the most appropriate method. Therefore, in choosing the method of depreciation appropriate to proceed with two positions: the principle of prudence; way of the expected economic benefits from the use of etc. The most valuable option for the principle of prudence is method of reducing the residual value, whereby there are the greatest depreciation in the first years of the object. Another method is the accelerated reduction of residual value. An important aspect of the methodology of fixed assets, affecting the financial result, which is taxable, are accounting expenses related to the improvement of fixed assets. The problem however is that these costs reflected in the account depends on how they affect the future economic benefits expected from the use of assets. To overcome this problem advisable to enter the chart of accounts a separate account to reflect the cost of the repairing fixed assets from the sub-accounts of the current and capital repairs. The current forms of primary documentation of fixed assets are mainly overlapping. Comparing inventory cards form OЗ-6 OЗ-7 ОЗ-8 with OЗ-1 form certifying that they have no information about the conclusion of the selection committee and the signatures of its members. However, in practice the fact of making the act and opening inventory cards of fixed assets indicates a positive conclusion members of the selection committee. So, adding inventory card of fixed assets only signatures of committee members, can reduce the content of the act of acceptance-transmission (internal moving) basic means. It is advisable in our opinion is a proposal economists as an annex to the act of acceptance-transmission (internal moving) basic means form a single primary accounting document that will contain the original calculation of the value of the formation. Implementing the above suggestions make enable for administration enterprises to improve the organization of fixed assets and predict the effectiveness of their use.

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