Processing of Polypropylene-Organic Montmorillonite Nanocomposite by Equal Channel Multiangular Extrusion

Voznyak, Andrei and Возняк, Андрій Васильович and Beloshenko, Viktor and Білошенко, Віктор Олександрович and Voznyak, Yuri and Возняк, Юрій Васильович and Novokshonova, L.A. and Grinyov, V.G. and Krasheninnikov, V.G. (2016) Processing of Polypropylene-Organic Montmorillonite Nanocomposite by Equal Channel Multiangular Extrusion. InternationalJournalofPolymerScience, 10(75) (3). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1729-3774


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By the example of polypropylene-organic montmorillonite composite (PP-OMMT), the abilities of the method of equal channel multiangular extrusion have been studied with respect to the modification of the structure and the properties of polymeric nanocomposites. With using X-ray structure analysis, TEM, DSC, and dilatometry, it has been demonstrated that this kind of processing providesanadditionalintercalationofthepolymerintoOMMTtactoidswiththesucceedingexfoliationandfacilitates anincreaseintheaspectratio, the degree of plateletorientation,the crystallinelamellarthickness,andadecreaseinthedispersion of the crystallite thickness, as well as the formation of biaxial orientation of the OMMT and PP crystals. The observed structure rearrangementsdetermineenhancedmicrohardness,ductility,andtheheatdistortiontemperatureofthePP-OMMTcomposite

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Uncontrolled Keywords: milk and vegetable mince,concentratebuttermilk, nutritional value, biological value
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