Practical Principles of Gerund and Gerundial Complex Translation into Ukrainian Inferencing from the Examples of «Great Gatsby» by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ostapenko, Svitlana and Остапенко, Світлана Анатоліївна (2016) Practical Principles of Gerund and Gerundial Complex Translation into Ukrainian Inferencing from the Examples of «Great Gatsby» by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Рідне слово в етнокультурному вимірі: Збірник наукових праць (2016). pp. 342-352. ISSN 2411-4758


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The article describes main patterns of Gerund translation into Ukrainian, defi nes the diffi culties of translation and their cause, analyses peculiarities of translation transformations usage in the process of translation. The author supplies the examples of different ways of Gerund translation from the novel “Great Gatsby” by F. S. Fitzgerald, and transformations applied while translating the text. Gerund and Gerundial Complex are very important and wide-spread grammatical phenomenon of the English language. Difficulties in translation are connected with differences in grammar categories of the two languages. The research objective is an exposure and determination of applied techniques of Gerund and Gerundial constructions translation (inferencing from the examples of “Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald) Depending on the form and function the Gerund can be translated by Ukrainian noun, infi nitive, fi nite forms of verb, subordinate clauses, and diyepryslivnyk. Translation of English Gerund sometimes can cause diffi culties. To give the right translation of the Gerund, it is necessary to fi nd out correctly its function in the sentence and apply the necessary transformations. The translation made by M. Pinchevskyi is colourful and saturated with all possible ways of Gerund and Gerundial constructions translation and complex transformations application. Among them the leading role belongs to the subordinate clauses, infi nive and nouns. As for the transformations – the most frequently used are inner partioning, transposition and replacement. Prospects for further research are to analyze the Gerund rendering into Ukrainian inferencing from the examples of other literary works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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