Ostapenko, Svitlana and Остапенко, Світлана Анатоліївна and Остапенко, Светлана Анатольевна (2021) COMPREHENSIVE APPLICATION OF GRAMMATICAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN UKRAINIAN TRANSLATIONS OF THE NOVEL "JANE EYRE" BY CHARLOTTE BRONTE. Linguistic Studies / Лінгвістичні студії (42). pp. 165-174. ISSN 1815-3070Online2308-0019


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Background: Domestic and foreign translation studies have repeatedly addressed such issues as the unit of translation, ways of transmitting stylistic, lexical, and semantic units, ethnocultural specifics of the original, clarified the role of the translator in the translation process, determined the features of translation of poetic and prose texts, etc., but the grammatical aspect of translation has been studied сursorily. This very fact determines the relevance of this work. Purpose: The purpose of the article is to analyze the application of grammatical transformations in the process of translations of Charlotte Bronte's novel "Jane Eyre" into Ukrainian, carried out by U. Hryhorash, P. Sokolovskyi, and M. Kiianovska, and carry out their comparative analysis. Results: The main scientific results are obtained applying a set of general scientific and special methods of research, namely: analysis and generalization of scientific and educational-methodical literature on the problems of translation transformations; theoretical generalization, analysis, and synthesis; holistic and integral approaches to the study of linguistic phenomena; comparative, descriptive and analytical methods. The theoretical significance of the study is in a further development of a comparative linguistic analysis of the original literary text, designed for a mass reader, and its translation. The practical significance of this work is that the results obtained on the application of grammatical transformations prove the justification of their use for other translations in the future. Discussion: In the process of the novel translation, translators applied all kinds of grammatical transformations. Most often, the transformations of inner partitioning and replacement were used, less often – integration and compensation. Having analyzed the translations of Charlotte Bronte's novel "Jane Eyre" made by U. Hryhorash, P. Sokolovskyi, and M. Kiianovska, we can state that in U. Hryhorash’s and P. Sokolovskyi’s translations there are about a thousand transformations. This indicates that the translators deviated slightly from the norms of the source language to make the text easier for the Ukrainian reader to perceive and bring it closer to the norms of the Ukrainian language. In its turn, the translation made by M. Kiianovska demonstrates the translator's efforts to adhere to the norms of the original and to achieve simplification of the translation. In most cases, the transformations are justified. In some cases, the use of a certain transformation was more accurate in the translation of P. Sokolovskyi. But for the most part, the transformations were of complex nature: to achieve adequacy – the main goal of translation – translators applied several transformations simultaneously. While taking the translation decisions Ukrainian translators preserved the communicative function of the translated text, the correspondence of its usage to the norms of the Ukrainian language. It has been practically proven that the translation process is not a simple replacement of units of one language with units of another language, but is a complex process that contains a number of difficulties that need to be overcome by a translator

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Uncontrolled Keywords: fiction translation, transformation, partitioning, integration, replacement, compensation, complexity
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