Greek-latin prefixes and suffixes in English terminology of scientific style

Kuts, Mariia and Куц, Марія Олександрівна and Куц, Мария Александровна and Herasymenko, Olha and Герасименко, Ольга Юріївна and Dmytruk, Liliia and Дмитрук, Лілія Анатоліївна (2021) Greek-latin prefixes and suffixes in English terminology of scientific style. Науковий вісник Дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка. Серія: Філологічні науки (мовознавство (15). ISSN 2312-6353 (print)2079-4835 (online)


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The present article is devoted to the study of Greco-Latin prefixes and suffixes in the process of English term formation of scientific style. The research of methods of English term formation is carried out on the basis of Methodical recommendations, which are developed for the specialty “International Economic Relations”. It is found that modern English terminology of economics includes a significant number of scientific concepts, phenomena, definitions, which are the subject of research in various fields of science, which together form a rich, rich economic microterminosystem within scientific terminology. Authors substantiate the relevance of the research topic, which is to study and organize the terminology of various sciences, systematization and classification of the definitions formed in it, created on the basis of Greco-Latin heritage. Different approaches to the interpretation of the definition of “term” in its diversity are presented and an attempt is made to define this complex phenomenon. It is analyzed that within economic terminology there are definitions from other terminology systems, such as: mathematical, medical, biological, political. It is established that the English scientific economic terminology is full of abbreviations and internationalisms, which are often used. It is outlined that one of the characteristic features of economic terminology is the presence of a large number of terms formed by prefixes and suffixes of Greek and Latin origin. The significance of affixes of Greek and Latin origin in the process of English economic term formation is determined. The most productive ways of word formation of the professional language of economics are singled out. On the example of methodical recommendations for the specialty “International Economic Relations” an attempt is made to summarize the most commonly used prefixes and suffixes of Greek and Latin origin in the form of a table. It is established that such prefixes as co-, de-, dis-, extra-, ex-, re-, sub-, trans-, and suffixes: -al, -tion, -ment, -ing, -ive are the most common in economic terminology of scientific style.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: term, economic term, term formation, Greco-Latin prefixes, suffixes of Greco-Latin origin, scientific style
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