Udovichenko, Hannah and Удовіченко, Ганна Михайлівна and Удовиченко, Анна Михайловна and Horobei, Anzhelika and Горобей, Анжеліка Миколаївна and Горобей, Анжелика Николаевна and Holovata, Viktoriia and Головата, Вікторія Володимирівна and Головата, ВикторияВладимировна (2021) STRUCTURAL AND SEMANTIC FEATURES AND SPECIFICS OF THE REDUPLICATES’ FUNCTIONING IN MODERN ENGLISH. «Південний архів (філологічні науки)» (87). pp. 53-59. ISSN 2663-2691 (print) 2663-2705 (online)


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Purpose. The purpose of the article is to analyze the use, functions and differences in the use of reduplicates in different areas of speech. In accordance with the goal, the following tasks are set: to consider reduplication as a subject of study in linguistics; explore the classifications of reduplicates proposed by different linguists; identify the relationship between the method of formation of reduplicates and their stylistic color. Methods. The main scientific results are obtained using a set of general and special research methods, namely: analysis, generalization and systematization of scientific and educational literature on literary studies, psychology and linguistics; theoretical generalization, analysis and synthesis, as well as comparison, descriptive and analytical, as well as the method of random sampling for the selection of language material. Results. In linguistics there is no single approach to reduplication as a linguistic phenomenon. Terminology needs to be refined, a clearer approach to the criteria by which the scope of use of a term with its clear definition will be determined. Despite the differences in views on unambiguous definitions and the lack of a universal classification, reduplication is widely studied in the linguistic literature. All the studied sources note such functional features of reduplication as a means of artistic expression (aesthetic and expressive function), a means of communication that carries an emotional color (communicative and emotional function). The range of reduplication is very wide. Conclusions. Reduplication as word formation is inherent in the speech of children and adults. It is inherent in many styles of speech: conversational, artistic, journalistic, epistolary. Less distribution of reduplicates is characteristic of the scientific style. In this area, they act as terms devoid of low stylistic color, typical of use in other areas of communication. In the scientific style, such words have a neutral emotional function. We could not find examples of reduplicates in official business and confessional styles. We can assume that this fact is evidence of a specific stylistic coloring of reduplicates (contempt, sometimes familiarity, humiliation, contempt, irony and ridicule), which may not be appropriate in such areas of communication. Most words formed by reduplication refer to colloquial speech and slang.

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