Analysis of views on the essence and classification of competitive strategies of the enterprise

Shapovalova, Inessa and Шаповалова, Інесса Вадимівна and Шаповалова, Инесса Вадимовна (2020) Analysis of views on the essence and classification of competitive strategies of the enterprise. Торгівля і ринок України, 2 (2(48)). pp. 76-87. ISSN 2079-4762

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The article discusses the theoretical and methodological bases of formation of a strategic set of enterprise quality management system in order to improve the efficiency of strategic decision-making and strengthen the economic and financial equilibrium. In the article the strategic set as an effective tool to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises. The process, principles and features of formation of a strategic set of quality management system The article discusses the aim is to study the existing approaches to the formulation of the concept of "competitive strategy" and the classification of competitive strategies and on the basis of their theoretical generalization to clarify the essence of this term in the author's definition. The analysis of the definitions of scientists regarding the essence of the term "competitive strategy" revealed differences in views regarding the formulation of the goal of a competitive strategy and ways of its achievement, and testifies to the complexity and multidimensionality of this concept. The research of scientific sources has revealed different approaches to the definition of the term "competitive strategy", which do not exclude but complement each other, reflect the author's view on the understanding of the term, and collectively form an understanding of the essence of the term "competitive strategy". Generalization of the above approaches is complemented by an integrative view and the definition of a competitive strategy is proposed - a conceptual adaptation model of continuous improvement, aimed at securing a stable competitive position by forming and realizing competitive advantages as an internal origin, by overtaking a competitor in a managerial, industrial, marketing, information aspect and external origin, at the expense of meeting the needs of consumers in the mind s changing competitive environment.

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