Analysis of linguistic features of the work of Ursula K. Le Guin "The Wizard of the Earthsea"

Kuts, Mariia and Куц, Мария Александровна and Куц, Марія Олександрівна Analysis of linguistic features of the work of Ursula K. Le Guin "The Wizard of the Earthsea". Вісник Університету імені Альфреда Нобеля. Серія «Філологічні науки» (2 (20)). pp. 196-205. ISSN 2523-4749


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The article provides a linguistic and stylistic analysis of the prose of the modern American writer U. Le Guin in terms of its emotional significance and color, as well as an analysis of the writer's application methods and techniques of creating an "emotional subtext" on the example of stories from the cycle "Earth". A consistent analysis of language tools by language levels from lower to higher narrative with U. Le Guin's trilogy "Earthsea" - "Magician of Earthsea". It is established that stylistic techniques at the phonographic level (alliteration, assonance, capitalization) play a significant role in the work, creating powerful emotional effects and logical emphasis. Stylistic techniques of the lexical level (metaphor, personification, affective and metaphorical epithets, nonsense, hyperbole, oxymoron) are original, unusual and bright, used to create a plot, a description of the unfolding of events, landscapes and characters. They in a way contribute to the atmosphere of reading and are certain components in the reproduction of the fantastic world of storytelling. The largest number of stylistic devices at the syntactic level is recorded linguistic and stylistic analysis, among them: anaphora and epiphora, parallel constructions, polysyndeton, asyndeton, inversion, ellipse and aposiopesis (pause), punctuation of minor members sentences during the description, improper direct speech, etc. These techniques bring a logical emphasis, cause a very strong emotional, expressive, rhythmic effect during the perception of the text by the reader. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the most important role in creating the outer fabric of the work, stylistic devices of lexical-syntactic level play a reflection of the writer's own authorial style. Among them are the methods of comparison, antithesis, growth and culmination, and so on. The article gives examples of successful use of the writer's synthesis of different stylistic techniques, thanks to which the effect of increased emotional perception is achieved, quite accurate description of the atmosphere in which the action takes place, as well as the feelings and experiences of the characters. The conclusion is made that the linguistic-stylistic analysis of the best literary works contributes to the enrichment and expansion language, introduction to circulation of bright stylistic receptions, increase of expressiveness and art speech, creating an emotional connotation.

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