Peculiarities of Folklore Mythological Images and Motives Realization in the Artistic World of Fantasy

Udovichenko, Hannah and Удовіченко, Ганна Михайлівна and Удовиченко, Анна Михайловна and Кравченко, Альона Борисівна and Кравченко, Альона Борисовна and Kravchenko, Aliona and Миснік, Яна Сергіївна and Мисник, Яна Сергеевна and Mysnik, Yana (2020) Peculiarities of Folklore Mythological Images and Motives Realization in the Artistic World of Fantasy. Інтелект, особистість, цивілізація (2 (21)). pp. 77-89. ISSN 2079-4835


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Objective. The objective of the article is to identify and characterize the peculiarities of the folklore mythological images and motifs realization in the artistic world of fantasy. Methods. The main scientific results were obtained using a set of general scientific and special research methods, namely: analysis, generalization and systematization of scientific and educational literature on literary studies, psychology, linguistics; theoretical generalization, analysis and synthesis, as well as comparative, descriptive and analytical Results. The article considers a characteristic feature of fantasy novels, which is the presence in their structure of folk and fairy tale elements. The similarity between fantasy and folk tales is expressed in their formulaic and stories about obviously unrealistic events. The authors of fantasy actively use not only the style of a fairy tale, but also the figurative-motive complex of a folk tale, filling it with meanings dictated by the problems of modern reality. Thus, traditional fairy-tale plots in the artistic world of fantasy are subject to novelization and ironic rethinking, which aims to reveal the mechanisms of folk fairy-tale tradition through the distortion of reality. There are many folklore and fairy-tale motifs in fantasy works, for example, the motif of the path on which the plot of a fairy tale and fantasy is built. The world through which the fantasy hero travels, or the space in which he is transported in one way or another, acquires the features of the afterlife of a fairy tale, and the process of movement takes the form of "detailing" space in the development of another world. The affinity of Slavic fantasy and fairy tales determines the continuity of their poetic organization, which implies the existence of correspondence between their structures and functional schemes. In the female images of Slavic fantasy literature there are features characteristic of fairy-tale heroines. There is also a correspondence between the functions of fantasy heroes and the functions of fairy-tale heroes, due to the similarity between the composition of Slavic fantasy and the composition of a fairy tale, established on the basis of comparison of their functional schemes. The reworked complex of Slavic folklore and mythological images and motifs forms the basis of the artistic world of works of Slavic fantasy.

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