The Language Sign as a Means of the Objectivation of Human Consciousness

Udovichenko, Hannah and Удовіченко, Ганна Михайлівна and Удовиченко, Анна Михайловна (2019) The Language Sign as a Means of the Objectivation of Human Consciousness. Науковий Вісник ДДПУ імені І. Франка. Серія «Філологічні науки». Мовознавство. (12). pp. 229-232. ISSN 2312-6353


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The article explores the relationship between sign and concept, sign and meaning. It is stated that the picture of the world, represented in the mind of man in the form of a system of concepts, being perfect in itself, finds its material expression in various forms, including in language. The concept has been found to be an ideal entity, but it cannot be passed from one person to another without a material mediator capable of influencing our sense organs. Such a mediator can be a sign, and in linguistics the word itself is the most important sign. In this work, the word is considered as a sign that serves to induce a certain concept in the mind of man. It is determined that the word has a meaning that is part of the concept. Meaning is not part of the word, but is part of the ideal unit – lexeme. The lexeme is regarded as the ideal unit of language stored in our memory or in the inventory system of lexical units of language. The notion that, unlike a sign, a lexeme is a two-sided unit, consisting of the image of the word – signifier – and meaning – significance, is being updated. In order to induce meaning in the mind, the spoken word must be identified with its significance. The desire to base the word sign on any one character well explains the very important feature of the sign. It is proved that the sign itself is inaccurate, because when creating it, the person did not strive for maximum accuracy. It is revealed that the word opposes the lexeme as a material unilateral unit of the two-sided perfect unit, but there is a causal connection between them because the word is a sign of the lexeme. It is justified that if one considers a word a sign, one must recognize that a word, like a sign, is a unit of one-sided, existing as a combination of sounds and letters. A word can have several meanings, and words can explain the meaning of any character or introduce a new concept.

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