Strategic directions of ensuring effective management of human resources in economic activity

Шульженко, Ігор Владиславович and Шульженко, Игорь Владиславович and Shulzhenko, Ihor and Приймак, Наталія Сергіївна and Pryymak, Natalia and Приймак, Наталия Сергеевна and Попозогло, Тетяна Сергіївна and Попозогло, Татьяна Сергеевна and Popozoglo, Tetyana Strategic directions of ensuring effective management of human resources in economic activity. Проблеми системного підходу в економіці (6 (80)). pp. 80-89. ISSN 2520-2200

Priymak+Popozoglo+Shulgenko НАУ № 6 (80) СТРАТЕГІЧНІ НАПРЯМИ 2020.pdf

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The article, based on the analysis of statistical indicators that characterize the population, age and unemployment rate, draws conclusions about the need for a strategic approach to human resource management. The analysis of statistical indicators indicates that the largest share of those employed in the economy of Ukraine are people aged 40 to 49 years. The share of the unemployed is gradually declining, despite the projected population of Ukraine continues to decline gradually. One of the reasons for the reduction is migration. A large proportion of people who go abroad are young people, which is a disappointing indicator for the future of Ukraine. The generalization of the experience of human resources management in countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Switzerland has led to the conclusion that the only way to achieve effective human resources management is to develop approaches to social protection and social guarantees. Approaches to the formation of the "Ukrainian social model of protection of citizens" are proposed, which should be based on a set of regional strategic programs of social protection aimed at preserving and increasing human resources, ensuring their growth in accordance with the needs of Ukraine's competitive economy and stable economic activity. Strategic directions of social protection of the population of Ukraine include: targeting of social services and benefits, monetization of social protection and / or its materialization, general total improvement of the quality of social security of citizens. In addition, it is proposed to implement the following projects to ensure the quality of the process of providing social security services: the introduction of total digitalization of instruments and programs of regional and state policy in the field of social protection; development and use of innovative tools for early diagnosis and prevention of socially dangerous situations at the community, city, region, state level; popularization of social entrepreneurship and creation of normative-legal base for its functioning.

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