Political repression against the technical intelligence of the Donbass on the eve of the German-soviet war

Romanukha, Oleksandr and Романуха, Олександр Миколайович and Романуха, Александр Николаевич and Struchenkov, Oleksandr and Струченков, Олександр and Струченков, Александр (2020) Political repression against the technical intelligence of the Donbass on the eve of the German-soviet war. Проблеми гуманітарних наук: збірник наукових праць ДДПУ імені Івана Франка. Серія Історія (4/46). pp. 132-138. ISSN 2312-2595

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Political repressions on the eve of the Great Patriotic War in the USSR are rarely studied. Thought without its analysis it is impossible to understand the full nature of Stalin totalitarian regime and those cardinal changes, that happened in the soviet society in 1920-1930s. The target of the article is to give the complex analysis of the repressions against technical intelligentsia in Donbass in 1939 – in the first half of 1941. Research tasks: 1) establish the reasons and the nature of repressions against technical specialists; 2) analyze the quantitative and qualitative list of victims of political repression; 3) on the basis of archival and investigative affairs to consider the mechanism of implementation of repressions; 4) compare repressions in 1939-1941 to repressions of «The Great Terror» in 1937-1938. The research methodology is based on the principles of historicism, system-formation, scientific character, verification, the author’s objectivity, moderated narrative constructivism, and the use of general scientific (analysis, synthesis, generalization) and specially-historical (historical-genetic, historical-typological, historical-systemic, etc.) methods. The scientific novelty New materials on repressions against the technical intelligentsia of Donbass in the pre-war years were introduced into scientific circulation, the quantitative and qualitative composition of repressed specialists was analyzed, the mechanism of repressions was considered, a comparative analysis with previous waves of repressions was conducted. Conclusions. Political repressions against the technical intelligentsia in Donbass during the paramilitary period are genetically connected with the preceding «The Great Terror» in 1937-1938. Firstly, they were caused by the fight against all who showed discontent with totalitarian regime. Secondly, the failure to carry out the work plans and accidents became the reasons for accusations of the specialists in political crimes. Thirdly, the bodies of state security continued to build indictments on self-accusations of the arrested. At the same time repressions in 1939-1941 have certain specifics. Terror scales were considerably reduced. In 1937-1938 in Donbass more than 3000 specialists were arrested, while in 1939-1941 – no more than 100. In most cases the court matters were considered by judicial authorities. It is important to mention less severe character of the pronounced sentences. In 1937-1938 65,4% of all arrested were shot down, whereas in 1939-1941– 14,1%, and every fifth specialist (21,2%) was released and rehabilitated.

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