Analysis of ways of «Subject» and «Subjectification» notions formation in the conceptual worldview

Rybalka, Natalia and Рибалка, Наталя Вікторівна and Рыбалка, Наталья Викторовна and Lysa, Karyna and Лиса, Карина Сергіївна and Лыса, Карина Сергеевна (2019) Analysis of ways of «Subject» and «Subjectification» notions formation in the conceptual worldview. Інтелект, особистість, цивілізація (2 (19)). pp. 61-66. ISSN 2079-4835


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The article analyzes the issues of the ways of forming the concepts of “subject” and “subjectivity”, formed in the conceptual picture of the world, and their correlation with the real world and the world of language. It was also revealed that the formation of the concepts of “subject” and “subjectivity” begins in a person in early childhood, and each stage of the formation of these concepts corresponds to a certain level of development of thinking and the stages of language acquisition with it. The formation of the concept of objectivity is accompanied by the emergence of a category of spatiality associated with the perception of objects close and distant, visible and invisible, designation of places with everything that is in them, categories of spatial movement and peace, categories of impact on other objects, active and passive objects, quality categories, form and primary invoice. At different levels of understanding of subjectivity, their own characteristics are manifested, a different range of coverage of objects, the appearance of various categories reflecting intersubject communications, finds a corresponding expression in the language. The image of an object is represented in the mind in the form of a system of various signs, which include shape, color, taste, smell, material and the properties of elasticity, plasticity, hardness and so on. The system of the image of the subject is characterized by us as local at the place of formation. First, between the reflected object and its image in the mind of the child there is a connection. However, the local system of the image of a thing does not coincide with the object of cognition (a thing), but only is its correspondence in the human mind. Images of individual things are included in the inventory system of images in the human mind, which require further study.

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