Infinitive and the infinitive constructions in English scientific texts

Rybalka, Natalia and Рибалка, Наталя Вікторівна and Рыбалка, Наталья Викторовна and Dmytruk, Liliia and Дмитрук, Лілія Анатоліївна and Дмитрук, Лилия Анатольевна (2020) Infinitive and the infinitive constructions in English scientific texts. Теоретичні й прикладні проблеми сучасної філології (10). pp. 109-118. ISSN 2411-6548


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The article investigates the features of infinitive and infinitive constructions using in the scientific text. The authors clarify concepts and terminology apparatus and describe semantic features of the functioning of the English infinitive constructions in comparative terms, explain their grading dominance, reveal lexical structure of English verbs in scientific texts. The current stage of development of linguistics is characterized by the growing interest of domestic and foreign scholars to the scientific text as an object of linguistic research. The problem of infinitives and infinitive constructs attracted the attention of linguists, in modern linguistics it is also relevant and is in the field of view of many researchers. There are four forms of the infinitive in English that correspond to four time groups: Infinitive Indefinite, Infinitive Continuous, Infinitive Perfect and Infinitive Perfect Continuous. The infinitives Indefinite and Perfect also have the form of a passive voice. In sentences of scientific texts, the infinitive may be placed after the noun, participle, modal verb, auxiliary verb, or semantic verb. Speaking of infinitive constructions in scientific texts, we can assert the following gradation in frequency of use: first - Complex subject, second - For-to-infinitive construction), third - Complex object. Based on this goal, the semantic features of functioning infinitive constructions in English were studied and described in the comparative plan, the lexical composition of English verbs in scientific texts was revealed (the classification of these verbs is given, features of their function are presented) based on the analysis of valence properties of the main verbs. Despite a keen interest in infinitives and infinitive constructions, the real problem has not yet been sufficiently studied. Yes, the infinitive and infinitive constructions require deeper and more comprehensive consideration, especially in scientific texts. There is not much research on this topic, which makes the article relevant.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: infinitive, infinitive constructions, scientific text, the semantic features, verbal subgroups, function in the sentence
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