Activity intellectualization – the basis of enterprise development

Khavrova, Kateryna and Хаврова, Катерина Сергіївна and Хаврова, Екатерина Сергеевна (2018) Activity intellectualization – the basis of enterprise development. Вісник Донецького університету економіки і торгівлі імені Михайла Туган-Барановського (1 (68)). pp. 23-30. ISSN 2079-4819


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Enterprise intellectualization is a complex, multilateral and multifactorial process. Substantiation of the need for intellectualization of activity as a basis for enterprise development is a symbiosis of two key concepts of today - innovation and intelligence, the synergistic effect of which is the key to successful enterprise development. Considering the problem of enterprise development in view of intellectualization of activity, the very concept of "enterprise development" at different angles of understanding was substantiated. This justification made it possible to distinguish four scientific approaches to its essence. In the course of the research it was determined that intellectualization of activity is a new concept of management process, which stipulates as conditions of effective development of the enterprise the necessity of application of intelligent management tools, which are pronounced innovative character and aimed at achieving sustainable long-term competitive advantages, as well as active implementation of these tools in the enterprise management system. This definition made it possible to propose the concept of enterprise development in the intellectualization of activity, in which the intuition of the leader of any rank plays a special role, since intellectualization involves carrying out a certain revaluation of values, identify factors that are significant for the development of the enterprise, and be ready for significant, fundamental changes in the enterprise management system.

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