Climate migration: the essence and features

Yakovenko, Yurii and Яковенко, Юрій Вячеславович and Яковенко, Юрий Вячеславович (2018) Climate migration: the essence and features. Торгівля і ринок України (2(44)). pp. 42-48. ISSN 2079-4762


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Objective. The objective of the article is to determine the essence of climate migration and its features. Methods. The methods of grouping, comparison and generalization are used in the process of study (to clarify the essence of the concepts of environmental refugee, environmental migrant and environmentally / climate-displaced person). The methods of synthesis and concretization are used to study and summarize the concepts of «climate migrant» and «climate migration». The induction method is used to study the features and characteristics of development of climate migration. Results. According to the results of the study, the essence of the concepts «ecological refugee», «ecological migrant», «environmentally / climate-displaced person», «climate change», «negative consequences of climate change» is revealed. The author’s interpretation of the definition «climate migrant» as a person who, due to changes in climatic environmental conditions that adversely affect living conditions, constitute a direct or indirect threat to her life, is required to change her place of residence temporarily or permanently and definition «climate migration» as a process of movement of climate migrants within its own country or to other countries under the influence of the negative effects of climate change. The basic signs of climate migration as a social and economic process are formed. The features and directions of the movement of climate migrants in the future are determined, that will make it possible to formulate the main provisions of the climate migration policy at the macro and mega levels. The practical significance of the results obtained is the possibility of their use in the formation of the regulatory framework and the determination of the legal status of climate migrants as subjects of the international migration movement.

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