Motivational strategy of officials of state authorities and local self-government

Pryymak, Natalia and Приймак, Наталія Сергіївна and Antonenko, Oleksandr and Антоненко, Олександр (2019) Motivational strategy of officials of state authorities and local self-government. Вісник Донецького університету економіки і торгівлі імені Михайла Туган-Барановського (2 (71)). pp. 30-37. ISSN 2079-4819


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Based on the analysis and comparison of the number and level of remuneration of staff and civil servants of Dnipropetrovsk region, their reduction was established even in the conditions of wage growth, which made it possible to update the search for an effective motivational strategy for public authorities and local self-government officials. As the analysis of practices of building an effective system of motivation at the state and local level shows, there are two aspects to consider: 1). Motivation should ensure a decent standard of living for officials and their families, taking into account the specifics of the city of residence and the average wage in the city or region of residence. 2). The motivation of an individual official should enable him / her to realize individual ambitions, incentives and needs of a higher level (needs for recognition, needs for involvement, etc.). It is mainly about intangible motivation and the formation of workers' satisfaction with the following circumstances: most often in making decisions on community development and progress at the city or state (state) level; realization of public interests and feeling of patriotism, debt to the small Motherland; a sense of usefulness; self-sacrifice. The goals of the motivation strategy of public authorities and local self-government officials can be defined as ensuring the effectiveness of the performance of functions of local and state authorities by maintaining and increasing the level of effectiveness of material and intangible incentives for high-efficiency work. The objectives of the motivational strategy are: - increasing the level of connection between the performance of officials and the level of their remuneration; Establishing for every official an effective balance between job satisfaction and motivation; ensuring the prestige of work in local self-government bodies; support for the image of the civil service and its effective functioning.иThe proposed strategy for motivating the work of public authorities and local self-government officials should be based on effective monitoring of the level of satisfaction of employees of the local self-government body by both the content and motivational tools, since the attitude of the employee to work may change towards improvement and improvement.

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