Academic dishonesty in the student environment

Revutska, Svitlana and Ревуцька, Світлана Казимирівна and Adamchuk, Svitlana and Адамчук, Світлана Ігорівна and Snizhytska, Кate and Сніжицька, Катерина Євгенівна (2019) Academic dishonesty in the student environment. Інтелект, особистість, цивілізація (1 (18)). pp. 12-18. ISSN 2079-4835


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Over the past few years, due to globalization, the problem of academic dis¬honesty in the scientific and educational circles, which erodes the confidence in the results of scientific activity, the latest technologies, has an impact on the formation of a highly moral, developed society. At present, Ukraine is undergoing radical reforms in education and sci¬ence, which are aimed at developing ways to prevent plagiarism and academic dishonesty. The notion of academic dishonesty, which is understood as any form of fraud or deception associated with scientific and educational activity, contrasts with the notion of academic honesty. A solution to this problem requires a systematic approach, and hence all higher edu¬cation institutions should be involved in the implementation of the principles of academic 18 honesty in the educational environment. In order to assess the scale of this problem not only in the theoretical plane, but also to find out the proliferation of the problem of academic dis¬honesty in practice, it is necessary to establish: to what ways of dishonesty students resort in the educational process, which causes of academic fraud they point out, as well as what possible methods preventing the manifestations of forms of academic dishonesty are offered. In the course of the study, a number of problems that are directly related to the state of academic honesty of not only a separate higher educational institution but also the country as a whole were identified, in particular: copying, publication of scientific results obtained by other persons as the results of their own research without attribution, bribery, use of pro¬hibited technical means during the examinations, including persons who did not participate in writing in the list of authors and much more. The main reasons for such disparaging attitudes of students to the educational process are: laziness of students, a large number of written works during the training course / term, and the inability to work with sources, to search and structure information. The main preven¬tion methods that students identify as determinative are attending special classes, trainings, resitting of testing (examinations, tests, etc.) and deprivation of academic scholarship.

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