Economic terminology translation from english into Ukrainian: lexico-semantic aspect

Furt, Daria and Фурт, Дар’я Володимирівна (2019) Economic terminology translation from english into Ukrainian: lexico-semantic aspect. Теоретичні й прикладні проблеми сучасної філології (8). pp. 28-33. ISSN 2411-6548


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Currently, there is a constant mutual influence and interaction of universality, similarities of nations and their languages, on the one hand, and the uniqueness, originality of the life of an individual people, each national language, on the other. Terminological systems, interlinguistic in nature, also need to be considered from the perspective of broad interethnic communication. In this case, the role of the English language, which dominates in modern scientific communication, with the help of which the development of scientific and technical terminology is developing, is extremely important. The main task of economic terms translation is the selection of same language units, equivalent to units of another language, for the purpose of the most complete transfer of meaning; the best way to translate the phenomena available in the economic realities of different countries. It is possible to achieve the correct translation in the event of the detection of equivalent Ukrainian terms. The task of the translation is complicated by the fact that many terms appeared in the Ukrainian language quite recently, and the phenomena they signify are only beginning to be formed under the influence of Ukrainian economic realities or absent altogether. English economic terminology is numerical and ramified, which may cause some translation difficulties. The economic terminology system is dynamically developing,which is in close contact with the society life and development; it responds to changes in the language situation, conveys scientific information. The problem of translating terms from English to Ukrainian was and remains one of the most relevant in modern translation studies. This process is of particular interest to the economy, as it has undergone intensive development over the last decade. The texts of economic orientation are undoubtedly important, as they include contracts and documents related to banking or customs affairs. The translation of economic texts differs in the exact structure of the translation. In the article the concepts of "term" and "economic term" are considered, the basic requirements for the term are defined, the methods of translation are analyzed and certain terms translation examples are given.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: term, economic term, term-phrase, calibration, transcription and transliteration, semantic equivalent, explication, full copying, abbreviations
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