Features of financial terms translation from Ukrainian language into English

Furt, Daria and Фурт, Дар’я Володимирівна (2019) Features of financial terms translation from Ukrainian language into English. Науковий вісник Міжнародного гуманітарного університету. Сер.: Філологія. (39). pp. 89-91. ISSN 2409-1154


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In the modern world, the importance and relevance of financial terms translation problem studying is beyond doubt. It is due to the fact that the processes of globalization and internationalization are intensifying, trade and economic and financial cooperation are expanding, and the volume of communications in the financial sphere is increasing. The equivalence of the source and the final texts is known to be one of the main requirements put forward by the theory and practice of translation activities. Equivalent in translation should be understood as the functional correspondence, which transmits on the similar level plan phrases (words, phrases); everything should be relevant within this context. We regard the equivalence of the original and the translation as a common understanding of the information contained in the text, including that which affects not only the mind but also the sense of the recipient and which is not only explicitly expressed in the text, but implicitly referred to as an undertone. The equivalence of translation also depends on the situation of generating the original text and its reproduction in the language of translation In our study, we consider non-equivalential financial terms that are found on the pages of the English-language periodical press. A characteristic feature of non-equivalent words is that they are not translated adequately with full compliance. Therefore, only those terms that are new to the translation language reflecting new concepts can be considered as non-equivalents. The article deals with the problem of translating non-equivalent financial terms in newspaper articles from English into Russian. The article defines a term, states its characteristics, and points out reasons for financial terms occurrence. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data was conducted. The translation techniques were pointed out, the most frequent translation techniques used for translating non-equivalent financial terms from English into Russian were defined. Financial terminology is subject to very rapid changes. Modern financial terminology is a promising material for further translation studies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: non-equivalent lexis, financial terms, translation techniques, description, calquing, translation replacement, generalization
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