Classification of resistance to change and its evaluation within the framework of the management system of changes in the enterprise

Pryymak, Natalia and Приймак, Наталія Сергіївна (2019) Classification of resistance to change and its evaluation within the framework of the management system of changes in the enterprise. Ефективна економіка (6). ISSN 2307-2105


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Modern management of the enterprise is inextricably linked with the introduction of changes at all levels and in all spheres of activity. There are no changes that fully satisfy the demands and expectations of all components of the socio-economic system of the enterprise. It is this property of the process of change that causes the existence of resistance to change. The purpose of this study is to justify approaches to assessing resistance to changes in enterprises to ensure the goals of effective change management. The article proposes the classification of resistance to changes on the following features: 1) on the level of origin; 2) according to the forms of manifestation; 3) in intensity of manifestation; 4) by force of influence on changes; 5) the effects of resistance for the change management system; 6) in the sphere of origin; 7) for the duration of existence. The research proposes the process of estimating resistance as an integrated component of change management, which includes: initialization of changes; definition of the purpose of resistance assessment, formulation of its goals and objectives; identification of causes of resistance to changes; assessment of resistance using expert methods; determining the level of lability for change and establishing the level of conditionality of the display of resistance to changes in corporate culture of the enterprise; development and implementation of measures to overcome resistance to changes in the enterprise. To identify the level of resistance to changes, it is proposed to use a methodology based on the study of the degree of its manifestation at three levels: individual, group and system. It has been established that the system of change management should develop a number of measures that are intended to overcome resistance to change. First of all, these measures should be of a preventive nature, namely: advocacy and information measures on the nature of the changes, their target nature and the consequences for individual participants and carriers of change, as well as their groups and systems in general. It is also important to ensure and control the change locus - the degree to which an individual (group or system representatives) believes that he can control events within the program of changes that affect it. It is the control of the change locus for individuals (the target group of their proceedings) as a guarantee of minimization of individual and group resistance to change.

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