Evolution of change management theory

Pryymak, Natalia and Приймак, Наталія Сергіївна (2019) Evolution of change management theory. Науковий вісник Ужгородського національного університету (1 (53)). pp. 108-116. ISSN 2409-6857


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The modern researches of scientists are multi-vector and highlight the various stages of the formation of the change theory and change management in different ways. Therefore, there is a need to systematize the evolution of the change theory and change management and its specification for the development conditions in Ukraine. The purpose of this study is the analysis of theoretical approaches to the development of change management in Ukraine and in the world, their structuring and systematization. The theoretical and methodological basis for the study were the provisions of economic theory, macro- and microeconomics, management theory. To achieve this goal, the methods of literary search, analysis, generalization, grouping, tabular and graphical methods were used. The article explores the evolution of the theory of change management at enterprises in Ukraine and in the world. The prevalence of three approaches to the evolution of the change theory has been determined: as a component of a strategic management; the evolution of change management models and their genesis; the evolution of comprehending and explaining the nature of changes and approaches to managing them. The first approach identified five stages of the development of the change theory, it was found out that the evolution of the change management theory is inextricably linked with the theory of strategic management, and approaches to change interpreting and their types depend on the evolutionary stage of the development of the strategic management and approaches to the strategic planning. Within the framework of the second approach, four stages of the evolution of change management models were highlighted. In addition, the modern models of change management require considering the following aspects: taking into account the operation of a complex functioning environment (most often, the environment generates changes or their prerequisites), the changes can occur only within the framework of a strategic management approach, the need to take into account cognitive and behavioral, psychological tools to influence the workers in order to form their desired behaviors; Summarizing the third approach, it was found out that its supporters consider the evolution of the theory of change management to be viewed from two perspectives: the approach to the evolution of an enterprise administration and change and the approach to developing theories for explaining changes as the components of organizational development theories. The evolution of change management approaches in Ukraine demonstrates the presence of identified 8 stages of development: from an unconscious change management based on chaotic processes and management hierarchy to the modern stage where change management in our state develops as an independent science enriched with a number of specific national management tools.

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