Ukraine labor market evolution

Kutsevolova, M. and Куцеволова, М.В. (2016) Ukraine labor market evolution. Вісник Донецького університету економіки і торгівлі імені Михайла Туган-Барановського (1(63)). pp. 100-110. ISSN 2079-4819


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To consider different approaches to the interpretation of the notion of labour market, analyse selected results of researches of national and foreign scientists in relation to the selection of the stages of functioning of Ukraine labour market. Define the stages of evolution of Ukraine labour market durin its independence, to specify factors which influenced the development of every stage and to set progress of Ukraine labour market trends. Methods. Basic methods applied while investigating the evolution of labour market of Ukraine are statistical (collection of statistical information, systematization and grouping of basic development indexes of Ukraine labour market), historical (a study of all changes and factors of influencing the development of labour market during the period of independence of Ukraine), factor analysis (analysis of factors which influence the labour market condition), graphical method (for the visual image of labour market condition). Results. As a result of research four stages of forming of Ukraine labour market duing its independence are selected. First period of evolution of labour market (1991- 1994) is connected with a transition from command to market economy, the base elements of infrastructure of labour market are created. The second period (1995-1999) is a period of the relative stabilization. The third period of evolution of Ukraine labour market (2000- 2007) is related to stabilizing of economy. The fourth stage (2008 - present) of Ukraine labour market development is related to the financial crisis of 2008, and with antiterrorist invasion that takes place up to now on the territory of Ukraine.

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