Develoment trends of trade enterprises in Ukraine

Frolova, L.V. and Фролова, Л. В. (2015) Develoment trends of trade enterprises in Ukraine. Вісник Донецького університету економіки і торгівлі імені Михайла Туган-Барановського (1(62)). pp. 109-119. ISSN 2079-4819


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The purpose of the article is the synthesis and characterization of major trends, which are taking place at the current retail market, and identify key determinants of its dynamic development. Methods. Scientific research was conducted with the use of general and special methods. At the core of the article is the method of analysis and synthesis, the use of which allowed to define the basic determinants of trade enterprises industry of Ukraine and justify their trends of dynamic development. The method of economic analysis and graph-analytic method were used that under the system approach to assess trends of commercial enterprises development gave the possibility to form a coherent science-based biased forecast. Results. The main indicators of Ukrainian trade enterprises development were reviewed. Based on the results of economic analysis, the dynamics of structural shifts concerning formation of retail trade enterprises turnover was studied. It was studied the comparison of the retail turnover dynamic changes with the dynamics of nominal and real incomes to determine changes in population effective demand. The basic problems and trends of commercial enterprises are established based on the research of consumer expectations parameter and the possibility of increasing the innovative capacity of retail enterprises. The scientific novelty of the research is that it was created some biased prediction of commercial enterprises dynamic development based on the definition of basic determinants of their development. The practical significance lies in the fact that the identified development trends of commercial enterprises form the initial assumptions to justify dynamic drivers of certain commercial enterprises.

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