Мethods and principles of evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises

Emelianova, I.F. and Ємельянова, І. Ф. (2015) Мethods and principles of evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises. Вісник Донецького університету економіки і торгівлі імені Михайла Туган-Барановського (1(62)). pp. 7-12. ISSN 2079-4819


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The aim of the article is theoretical analysis of the main methodological aspects of assessing enterprises competitiveness and determination of the key assessment principles. Methods. The general scientific and special research methods are used, which allowed to solve the questions selected as areas of study. The systematical approach to the analysis of economic phenomena or processes as well as the main concepts of modern economic theory, management theory and strategy of enterprise management became the methodological bases of the research. The study was conducted with the use of such methods of research: theoretical generalization and comparison (determination of the concepts’ core of «the methods for competitiveness assessing» and «the principles of competitiveness evaluation»), methods of economic analysis (grouping, table method) and logic synthesis. Results. Scientific approaches to determination of the competitiveness methods and principles were systemized. Those methods of enterprises competitiveness were classified according to the following types: according to the direction of the information base formation, by the way of displaying of final results, by the levels of coverage of all operat ing components, by the subjects, according to the comparative basis, depending on the possibility of developing managerial decisions on the results’ details, that allow to create the conditions for justifying the choice of method of the enterprise competitiveness estimation. The system of the principles for competitiveness assessing was formulated. In order to achieve effective evaluation of the enterprises’ competitiveness it was proposed to divide them into basic and additional. Scientific novelty lies in the fact that the paper proposed a multi-criteria classification of existing methods of the enterprise competitiveness estimation and determined the key principles of this assessment. Practical value. The use of the classification in practice allows to make a reasonable choice of the evaluation method and increases the efficiency of the enterprise competitiveness management. The suggested classification remains open at all levels and can be supplemented by other and new methods.

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