Identification of the dough preparation process in the field of ultrasonic radiation

Khorolsky, Valentin and Хорольський, Валентин Петрович and Хорольский, Валентин Петрович and Sheyina, Alina and Шеїна, Аліна Вікторівна and Шеина, Алина Викторовна and KORENETS, Yuriy and Коренець, Юрій Миколайович and Коренец, Юрий Николаевич (2018) Identification of the dough preparation process in the field of ultrasonic radiation. Вісник Хмельницького національного університету, 2. pp. 115-123. ISSN 2307-5732


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Analysis of processes of production of innovative kinds of bread showed that the existing automation systems should be supplemented with a digital control, robotic technology AIDS the process. The purpose of this article is to identify a complex dynamic environment which is exposed to ultrasonic vibrations for the development of systems of control and management robotic technology complex for the production of innovative varieties of bread. In the article the mathematical model of interaction of ultrasonic oscillations of the heterogeneous medium saturated by air bubbles and particles of flour, meat products, pickles and other ingredients. The dependences of intensity of ultrasonic radiation from the size of the bubbles and solid particles. Used the theory of mutual penetration of substances and constructed a model of heterogeneous environment in the form of the elementary parallelepiped, through which molecular diffusion and ultrasonic vibrations to move the substance. The obtained modified equations of interaction of ultrasonic fluctuations of high frequency test and the particles of meat products. Designed experimental setup preparation of the test, which dispergating cavitation machine with smart control system performs the purification of water, preparation of meat ingredients and applications. Dough kneading machine with a system of sensors and imaging and ultrasonic modulators performs dough kneading of the dough and dispersing particles of meat products and other health and medical components. Ultrasonic vibrations, forming a cavitation-dispergating effect, ensuring uniform distribution of moisture between the particles offlour, more rapid hydration o f the particles o f the dispersed phase is formed to relax the gluten. It causes the adhesion and cohesion effects flour with particles of meat products. Mixing dispersed particles of meat, particles offlour under the action of ultrasonic vibrations leads to the formation of homogeneous, heterogeneous environment. In the process of cavitation dispersion of the particles of flour and meat particles in a strong field of ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 22 kHz moisture with dissolved protein and sugar, and other ingredients will form a thin surface film, which improves not only the appearance of products, but also positively influences time saving innovative products.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: identification, ultrasonic cavitation, dispersion, dough, control the ingredients
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