Ukraine beer market state regulation and consumer information security

Zyza, Olena and Зиза, Олена Олександрівна and Зыза, Елена Александровна (2018) Ukraine beer market state regulation and consumer information security. Міжнародний науковий журнал «ІНТЕРНАУКА». Серія: «Економічні науки» (7 (15)). pp. 93-98. ISSN 2520-2294


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The article deals with the problems of the beer industry state regulation in Ukrainian economy. Before, it was determined that the industry main product production — the beer — is declining. The reasons for this fall are determined, namely, the decrease in effective demand due to the crisis in the country, loss of territories, and the conduct of ATO. In addition, it was found that negative trends are also directly related to state regulation of the industry, especially within the taxation. So the sales volumes were negatively affected by the increase in the tax on hop-growing and viticulture, the state of excise tax, as well as the regulatory initiatives of a local councils number to ban the sale of beer in the evening and at night. In addition, the peculiarities of the beer market state regulation is its equating to alcoholic beverages and changes in the alcohol sale (and beer in particular). Negative trends in the investigated market, provoked by the peculiarities of its state regulation in the domestic economy, are expressed not only in the fall in the volume of its production, but also have an impact on the capacity use and the employment level. This has its corresponding consequences for society as a whole. The research compares the beer market regulation in the EU and Ukraine. Particular attention is paid to licensing activities in this market and advertising products. The latter is considered from the point of view on the consumer information security influence. Prohibition of advertising even in a certain time period is a debatable way of combating the imposition of beer products on consumers, which can have a negative impact on their health, and consequently, their information security. In modern realities advertising has many ways of distribution and often has a hidden character. This is confirmed by an analysis of the coverage of events in this market in various media, which indicates threats to the consumer information security

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