Informational security of the consumer values formation in sustainable development conditions

Zyza, Olena and Зиза, Олена Олександрівна and Зыза, Елена Александровна (2018) Informational security of the consumer values formation in sustainable development conditions. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design (JHED) (24). pp. 68-74. ISSN 1857-8489

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The national economy informational security is attaining the increasing importance in the so-called fourth industrial revolution. After all, it inflences on all levels, not only on the each country national economy, but also on the global level in particular. The informational society that is forming in this process puts the world in front of new social, political, economic and technological threats. In the informational economic space, information becomes a value, a resource and a product at the same time. However, it also affcts the society values in general and personality in particular. Consumer preferences and behavior are closely related to the information as a commodity and the values on which it affcts. One of the characteristics, modern society discussion values and its sustainable development threats is consumerism. It is an ideology of the dependence of the human life (happiness) sense on the consumption level, which promotes social inequality and environmental degradation. Anti-consumption as an alternative ideology is propagated mainly at the public and religious organizations level, whose views are formed on the values of life as it is. The meaning of human life in this ideology depends on altruism, asceticism, certain consumption constraints, the environment care, and so on. These ideologies and relevant values are spreading precisely by means of various informational sources (mass media, advertising, electronic and printed publications, etc.). Thus, a threat occurs within the informational security - the inflence on personality consciousness, subconscious, in order to impose such a system of values, views, interests and decisions, in order to be able to control their behavior and development in the direction that is admired by another person or group of them. To eliminate this threat, it is necessary to establish an effctive communication between state bodies and institutions in the informing society sphere in order to neutralize the negative psychological impact on society and consumers in particular.

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